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Photography workshop

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Adventure in one of the most beautiful deserts in the world
Jordan is a little-known concept to many, but nevertheless it offers huge possibilities for landscape photography. The Wadi Rum desert in particular is something you will not see anywhere else in the world. The country most similar in appearance to that of Mars. red dunes, cliffs and mountains. The historical treasure of the world value of Peter, which we cannot bypass in Jordan.
If you want to experience a real adventure, take photos in places where you sometimes feel like you are not even on the ground, or smell the exotic of the Near East, then this is exactly the WS for you. In addition, this destination is nowhere near as expensive as, for example, the Nordic countries, so you definitely will not break the bank with this WS :)
Each participant will receive the materials from the workshop in PDF, so that they can return to them at any time. All modification procedures are available in the form of video instructions, so it will definitely not happen that you forget the procedures by the time you get home :)

Basic information about the workshop

Date of the workshop
18.- 25.3. 2023
Physical difficulty
Beginner / advanced
Number of participants
Max 8 / min 4
Course price

Characteristics of the workshop

The workshop is intended primarily for photographers and tourists interested in landscape photography and travel as such.
After the desert we will be transported to selected places by all-terrain vehicles, so physically this workshop is not demanding. We will live right in the heart of Wadi Rum in a Bedouin camp.
You can be a complete beginner who wants to see more about the possibilities of your camera, or you can be an advanced photographer who would like to understand the methods of creating a composition or working with light even more deeply. The course is intended for both groups of photographers. Along with that, together we will learn how to use auxiliary equipment more effectively when photographing in the field (tripod, tripod tips, cable trigger, filters), we will explain the importance of planning and something I call "systematic" photography. During the meal, we will later talk more about basic but also advanced photo editing (RAW, exposure blending, time blending, focus stacking, etc.).

Advantages of the workshop

  • the price includes accommodation, food (except for Petra), all transport within Jordan
  • Beautiful, rugged,  exotic land and safe land
  • a historical gem in the form of the rock city of Petra
  • it is not hot in the desert in March, temperatures range between 10-20 degrees during the day
  • transport across the desert to photo locations by all-terrain vehicles
  • we will go through the most beautiful locations
  • good mood and willingness to explain and thereby pass on as much knowledge and experience as possible
  • accommodation directly in the desert

Orientation program

Day 1     Arrival in Amman and transfer to Wadi Rum
Day 2-5 Stay in the Wadi Rum desert
Day 6    Transfer to Petra, sunset in the rock city
Day 7    Stay in Petra
Day 8    After sunrise, transport to Amman and flight home

The program is not fixed and depends on the given situation, especially on the weather conditions and so that everyone has the opportunity and time to learn as much as possible on the spot and at the same time take good photos with them. During the entire photo shoot in the field, there will be a joint discussion on various practical topics related to landscape photography.

Necessary photo equipment

  • ideally a digital SLR or mirrorless camera
  • wide angle lens, prime lens, telephoto lens not necessary
  • fixed tripod
  • filters (polarizing) - they are not a necessity but definitely an advantage
  • spare camera batteries and memory cards :)

Other equipment

  • for a stay in the desert, you will need standard tourist clothing suitable for the given temperatures, which vary here during the day from 10 to 20°C, but in the morning it is around 5°C. The weather tends to be windy, so a windproof jacket is definitely needed. I also recommend thinner gloves and a hat
  • footwear should be hiking. It doesn't have to be high, ankle length is enough
  • headlamp and spare batteries!
  • the tents in the camp are equipped with beds with thick blankets and pillows. If you want, you can put a thin sleeping bag or a sanitary pad in your sleeping bag
  • I recommend bringing your favorite bars or sweets from home, which you don't have to find in Jordan.

Accommodation during the workshop

​Bedouin camp right in the desert
  • we will be staying in a Bedouin camp right in the desert, half board is part of the accommodation
  • Bedouin tents are equipped with beds and bedding
  • toilets and a bathroom are part of the camp

Workshop price

It is not included in the price
  • ticket from Vienna to Amman (price with luggage is approx. €140, I will help with the reservation)
  • dinner during the stay in Petra
  • insurance
  • visa (about €100). Entry to national parks is part of the visa
Total price of the workshop
€900 / person
It is included in the price
  • accommodation during the entire duration of WS
  • breakfast during your stay in Petra
  • half board during your stay in Wadi Rum
  • off-road car rental
  • transport from Amman to Petra, Wadi Rum and back 
  • lecturer guidance during photography during the workshop
  • materials in PDF and video tutorials
Payment for the workshop
  • within 2 weeks of sending the application 40% of the WS price. The deposit is non-refundable, it will be used to cover car fees, accommodation, etc.
  • The remaining amount 1 month before the WS

An order

To order a workshop, please fill out the short form that you will find here. After filling out the form, you will be sent a notification about its registration and then I will contact you as soon as possible with further information
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