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Fine art prints

All photos in the gallery can be ordered as prints on cotton canvas, paper or framed. The photos are taken using high-quality and proven materials and by a supplier with whom I have been working for a long time.
Photos on canvas

Print on cotton canvas stretched on a wooden blind frame. Photos are printed on cotton canvas 370g/m2, which, thanks to its natural structure, gives photos an artistic character. Large-format photos on canvas stand out for their depth, vivid colors and durability. The design includes a hanging system on the wall. €8 for postage must be added to the price of the photos.

canvas floor height.jpg
canvas wall.jpg
Photos laminated on dibond board

The photos are printed on FineArt photographic paper (cotton or baryta)  and by laminating on a dibond board they get an additional protective layer and become durable. Dibond is a composite material composed of a plastic plate and a thin aluminum plate, which is on both sides. The design includes a suspension system. €8 for postage must be added to the price of the photos.

Photos on fine art paper

I print photos on Fine Art paper, which are synonymous with the highest print quality in every detail, thanks to their natural structure and coating, they allow a unique range and intensity of colors. The papers are made of purely natural materials without the use of acids and chemical additives. I use paper for printing PhotoArt White Baryta 310 gm (glossy paper with a traditional photographic appearance) and Museum Natural Rag 260 gm (matte paper with a soft surface).
€4 for postage must be added to the price of the photos.

Framed photos

For photo framing, the price is determined individually. It depends on the size of the photo and mount, the type of frame and the type of glazing. If you are interested in this type of finalization, please contact me by email or phone.

Ordering a photo painting
Print dimensions (cm )
Print finalization

Thanks for submitting your request! I will contact you soon.

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