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Boris Michaliček

I was born in Poprad. I lived in Bratislava for 16 years before finally returning home to Poprad. 

I enjoyed taking photos already in high school, but I started to devote myself more intensively to photography only during college.

I am mainly interested in landscape and travel photography. For a few years, I also devoted myself to wedding photography. 

Before the arrival of my family, I dedicated 150% of my time to photography, the result of which were victories in several photo contests, 4 individual and several collective exhibitions. articles from my travels were published in print versions of the magazines Lidé a Země, Travel IN, Plus 7 dní and Digital Photo ( UK ). 

A slight creative break followed, when I did not know for a while whether I would fully return to photography at all.

After returning to Poprad, I find my old self again and I slowly return to my old photographic tracks.

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