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Calendar 2023

Also for the year 2023, I prepared an exclusive landscape calendar made from my  photos. All photos are from Slovakia or the Slovakia-Polish borderland and you can find locations there such as Tatras, Zamaguria, Podpoľanie, Malá Fatra or Levočské vrchy. and hours of waiting for ideal conditions, light and colors. This also makes the calendar an ideal candidate for a beautiful gift!
calendar Slovakia 2023
calendar Slovakia 2023
The calendar is insizes A3, it is made on 200g/m2 paper with a nice finish. 
The price of the calendar is €17 + shipping costs (SR €3; CR €6.5; other EU countries €8) Each calendar will have the authors handwritten signature on the back.
In case of interest, it is possible to add a logo of your company (possible when purchasing a larger quantity).

How to order a calendar?
The easiest way is to contact me by email, via Contact form or through social networks. I will answer you as soon as possible
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