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On my courses you have the opportunity to look deeper into the secrets of photography and spend a relaxing photo weekend in beautiful places in Slovakia and abroad with good organization and a pleasant group. I have been engaged in landscape photography for almost 20 years and I will try to pass on to you as much as possible of what I have learned during that time. I will not teach you how to create something from nothing on the computer. I will teach you how to plan and carry out a photo shoot so that you do as much work as possible in the field when planning the photo shoot, working with light, technique and composition. Of course, a significant part of the workshop will also be devoted to photo editing. 



Landscape photography courses for up to 10 participants with an experienced photographer in the most beautiful places at home and abroad. Planning, theory, post-process and especially learning directly in the field.



An individual course tailored just for you. We will adjust the length, place and difficulty of the course so that your knowledge  and skills are advanced as much as possible.


Online classes focused on the theoretical part of photography or for photo post-processing. The length and content of the WS itself will be adapted to what you really need

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