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Photography workshop

Autumn in the Slovenian mountains 

From spectacular mountain valleys to wild gorges
Slovenia is known as a country where everything you can think of can be found from nature on a small area. and it really is. Thanks to this, this country is a paradise for landscape photographers. Small distances and the diversity of nature make Slovenia an ideal place for a several-day photo trip. In the morning and evening you take pictures of views or lakes, during the day you dive into beautiful wild gorges with turquoise water and moss-covered forests. Beautiful!
Each participant will receive the materials from the workshop in PDF, so that they can return to them at any time. All modification procedures are available in the form of video instructions, so it will definitely not happen that you forget the procedures by the time you get home :)

Basic information about the workshop

Date of the workshop
11. - 15.10.2023
Physical difficulty
Beginner / advanced
Number of participants
At most 8
Course price

Characteristics of the workshop

The workshop is intended primarily for photographers interested in landscape photography. Due to the nature of the landscape, this course is designed primarily for a wide range of lenses from wide focal lengths to telephoto lenses. You can be a complete beginner who wants to see more about the possibilities of your camera, or you can be an advanced photographer who would like to understand compositional methods or working with light even more deeply. The course is intended for both groups of photographers. Along with that, together we will learn to use auxiliary equipment more effectively when photographing in the field (tripod, tripod tips, cable trigger, filters), we will explain how important planning is and something I call systematic photography. We will go over the theory of photography together and we will also focus on the post-process (ideally we will learn from the photos you take as part of WS).

Advantages of the workshop

  • a location made for landscape photography
  • beautiful places, especially for sunrise and daytime photography in the gorges
  • all locations together, without demanding transfers (max. hour). The exits are not too long
  • good mood and willingness to explain and thereby pass on as much knowledge and experience as possible
  • pleasant accommodation, where we always spend a relaxing evening taking photos

What places will we visit?

  • iconic well-known churches of St. Tomaž or Jamnik
  • the beautiful valleys of Trenta and Zadnjica
  • beautiful gorges and turquoise streams
  • Lake Bled
  • Zelenči 
  •  Italy, Lagi di Fusine
  • lessfamous places around Kranjska Gora

The program is not fixed and depends on the given situation, especially on the weather conditions and so that everyone has the opportunity and time to learn as much as possible on the spot and at the same time take good photos with them. During the entire photo shoot in the field, there will be a joint discussion on various practical topics related to landscape photography

Necessary photo equipment

  • ideally a digital SLR or mirrorless camera
  • basic wide-angle lens and telephoto lens (ideally with a focal length of approx. 70-200mm for full frame or 50-150 for cameras without a full frame sensor)
  • fixed tripod
  • filters (polarizing, transition, gray) - they are not necessary
  • spare camera battery

Workshop price

It is not included in the price
  • transport to / from the venue and during the workshop. Transport is individual, but ideally if we agree on 2-3 cars)
  • food during the workshop
  • insurance
  • accommodation during WS
Total price of the workshop
€290 / person
It is included in the price
  • lecturer guidance during photography during the workshop
Payment for the workshop
  • within 2 weeks of sending the application

Proposed Accommodation

  • the accommodation price is not included in the WS price
  • we will be staying in two beautiful and spacious apartments in Kranjska Gora with good access to shops and restaurants
  • we will have an infrared sauna available in both apartments

An order

To order a workshop, please fill out the short form that you will find here. After filling out the form, you will be sent a notification about its registration and then I will contact you as soon as possible with further information.
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