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Photography workshop

Tatra spring at Téry's cottage

Tatra landscape in one of the most interesting valleys
The small cold valley is one of the most interesting Tatra valleys. It provides a lot of diverse scenes and compositions on a relatively small area, giving space for Kayinary photography. Whether you like wild falling water, reflecting pools, majestic rock walls or blooming valleys - you can see all this right here. The advantage is that, apart from the ascent to the cottage itself, no further ascents will be necessary during the entire weekend. Everything important will happen in the immediate vicinity of the cottage. Simply in Mala Studená dolina we will be able to try our hand at photographing a truly diverse mountain landscape. 
The early Tatra spring is characterized by the thawing of mosses and thus revealing their levels. So it is the first time of the year when you can take beautiful pictures of the reflections on the surface in contrast with the last snow on the shore. 

Basic information about the workshop

Date of the workshop
11. - 13.6.2021
Physical difficulty
Moderately difficult / difficult
Beginner / advanced
High Tatras, Téry Chata
Number of participants
Max 7
Course price

Characteristics of the workshop

The workshop is intended primarily for photographers and tourists interested in landscape photography. Due to the nature of the landscape, this course is intended primarily for photography with wider focal points.You can be a complete beginner who wants to see more about the possibilities of your camera, or you can be an advanced photographer who would like to understand even more deeply the methods of creating a composition or working with light. The course is intended for both groups of photographers. Along with that, together we will learn to use auxiliary equipment more effectively when photographing in the field (tripod, tripod tips, cable trigger, filters), we will explain how important planning is and something I call "systematic" photography. Later, over a beer and a meal, I will introduce you to more about how to turn ordinary landscape photography into artistic landscape photography.  We will also talk more about basic and advanced photo editing (HDR, time blending, focus stacking, etc.)*. In this workshop, your relationship with the mountains is also important. We will spend the whole of it in the Tatras and we will not avoid the ascent and certainly also the vagaries of the weather. 
* If your knowledge is at the beginner level, don't worry. I will meet with you in a small group a few hours before the official start of WS and we will explain the basic parameters of photography, camera control and the like. 

Advantages of the workshop

  • Malá Studená Dolina offers a really diverse type of mountain landscape
  • at a really short distance from the base camp of the workshop, we can find a number of photographically attractive places 
  • good mood and willingness to explain and thereby pass on as much knowledge and experience as possible
  • accommodation in a mountain hut, which has its own unique atmosphere
  • theoretical part specially prepared for beginners and advanced students


  • 1 day - WS will start with a meeting with Star Smokovci at the Hrebienok cable car station. After a short introduction and basic information, we will set off towards Téry's cottage, where we will stay.  Then we will go to the hut, where after accommodation and refreshments we will go (depending on the conditions) to photograph the sunset   After returning to the hut, we will explain the rest of the workshop program and discuss the locations , which we would like to visit. We will go through their photos together and make a precise plan. We will check the weather possibilities and explain the basic theory for photographing this type of landscape, so that you are sufficiently prepared for the next photo shoot :)
  • 2nd day-  depending on the conditions, we will go early in the morning for the first light photography. Weather permitting, we will take photos until late morning. After a lunch break, we will set off for the sunset.   Then just return to the chat, where we will go over everything from the previous day and look at some photos together. 
  • 3rd day- in the morning we will get up early again and go to the sunrise and catch the first light. After taking photos, return to the cottage, check-in and descent to Starý Smokovec, where we will end the WS. 
The program is not fixed and depends on the given situation, especially on the weather conditions and so that everyone has the opportunity and time to learn as much as possible on the spot and at the same time take good photos with them. During the entire photo shoot in the field, there will be a joint discussion on various practical topics related to landscape photography. 

Necessary photo equipment

  • ideally a digital SLR or mirrorless camera
  • basic wide angle lens. A telephoto lens is not necessary, but you can take it. 
  • fixed tripod
  • filters (polarizing, transition, gray) - they are not a necessity but definitely an advantage
  • spare camera battery, memory cards, remote trigger and the like

Accommodation during the workshop

Tery's cottage
  • we will be staying in a mountain hut
  • ideal location right in the valley in the immediate vicinity of the photo spots
  • the ascent to the hut is moderately difficult and takes about 2 hours 
  • We will be accommodated in one multi-bed room
  • The price is 37 € / person and night including half board
  • For James, KST members, the price with half board is €26
Note I recommend purchasing a KST membership. Membership is valid for one year, you get a significant discount on most mountain huts, and membership also includes year-round insurance. Can be purchased online at 
He will sleep in shared rooms, I recommend earplugs for those who have a fragile sleep :)

Workshop price

It is not included in the price
  • transport to / from the venue and during the workshop
  • accommodation during the workshop
  • food during the workshop 
  • insurance 
Total price of the workshop
€130 / person
It is included in the price
  • lecturer guidance during photography during the workshop

An order

To order a workshop, please fill out the short form that you will findhere. After filling out the form, you will be sent a notification about its registration and then I will contact you as soon as possible with further information. 
middle tip, tery's hut
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